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Open-Source E-Mail Options On The March

A scrum of scrappy e-mail providers are updating their offerings, pegging their news to LinuxWorld Expo opening in San Francisco on Monday.

The new Scalix 11 promises better support for Microsoft Outlook clients, improved support for mobile clients, and more flexible administration and delegation options.
With this release, for example, a manager can delegate access to his or her calendar or inbox to an administrative assistant, , said Glenn Winokur, CEO of the San Mateo, Calif.-based company

Scalix has positioned its e-mail and calendaring as a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server. Winokur and others in the e-mail world feel that if another vendor can offer great support for the Microsoft Outlook client, they can take share on the server side, especially as some companies balk at expense of locking into the Microsoft stack.

"Seventy-six percent of business users are on Outlook," Winokur told CRN.

A community preview will be available this month with general availability slated for November. Earlier this summer, Scalix said it would put components of its community preview into the open source world.

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