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Novarum Releases Industry's First Benchmark Report On Campus Mesh Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Novarum, a strategic consulting and analysis firm for the wireless broadband data industry, announced today the release of its study, measuring the performance of the recently ratified 802.11n standard against currently available 802.11a/g products in an outdoor campus mesh network. The report establishes a benchmark by which network planners can determine the impact and value of the emerging 802.11n standard.

The study accurately reflects campus-level mesh network metrics within the microcosm of a single benchmark deployment. Because campus installations typically have dense access point (AP) deployments, Novarum focused the study on two key areas, throughput performance and coverage predictability (as measured by equity between clients).

Key Findings

This real world benchmark of campus mesh networks revealed several major conclusions:
A new generation of 802.11n MIMO based high-performance mesh networks are available that provide high throughput, effective indoor and outdoor coverage, and are simple to deploy.
There is an enormous price/performance disparity, up to a 12:1 ratio, between the available outdoor mesh products.
The 802.11n solution tested showed a demonstrable performance advantage over industry leader's legacy systems, reflecting as much as a 4:1 and 6:1 improvement in serving laptops through a campus Wi-Fi 802.11n mesh network.

Interested parties can download the complete report, entitled "The Value of Smart Antennas: Campus Mesh Network Performance Benchmark" here: .

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