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New Opportunities Emerge In The Emergency Mobility Market

As technology answers the demand to become increasingly more mobile, solution providers are given the opportunity to leverage partnerships to create solutions that can help workers on-the-move and generate new sources of revenue by expanding into emerging markets.

First Mobile Technologies, a Cincinnati-based solution provider that manufactures mounting hardware, cradles, trays and docking stations for in-vehicle systems, has partnered with Beaverton, Ore.-based display maker Planar Systems, to create vehicle-mounted custom systems targeted at public safety vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks and ambulances.

For Planar, the foray into the public safety market has opened up a plethora of new business opportunities.

"We have a 20-something-year history of dealing with displays. We haven't done a lot in the public safety space. Then, First Mobile and Dell invited us to the table, and we helped them create a three-piece solution for in-vehicle applications," said Hal Newton, strategic marketing manager for Planar's industrial business unit.

According to Newton, the display is constructed to withstand the demands of public safety users on the job, whether tracking down criminals, battling fires or saving lives.

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