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New Motorola Mobile And Wireless Managed Services Help Maximize Performance Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

HOLTSVILLE, N.Y., May 19. The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. today announced two new managed services, the Managed Infrastructure Service and the Managed Device Service, to help IT organizations remove the complexities of managing multi-vendor wireless networks and devices, and help make mobility solutions accessible to more enterprise and government customers. With Motorola managed services, customers can benefit from predictable uptime, lower cost of ownership and faster response and restore times when a fault is detected, as well as asset investment protection.

Motorola's new Managed Infrastructure Service combines the AirDefense Infrastructure Management and Network Assurance solutions to provide both large IT organizations and customers with limited IT resources with highly-available, remote monitoring, management and troubleshooting of their wireless LAN (WLAN). The new Managed Device Service is a key component of Motorola's Device Management Framework, leveraging Motorola's Mobility Services Platform to provide customers with comprehensive management of their mobile devices, including mobile computers, enterprise digital assistants and barcode scanners, and with the expertise to maximize the availability of these assets across their entire organization.

"Maintaining control and visibility of their mobile ecosystem is a primary issue among organizations, with enterprise mobility end users expressing strong interest in and appetite for new delivery, deployment and management models for their mobile solutions," said David Krebs, practice director, VDC Research. "Although many end users postponed their mobile and wireless investments in response to the recession, many are citing the recession as a catalyst for next-generation managed service business models."

Motorola's Managed Infrastructure Service combines the field-proven expertise of Motorola engineers with the holistic network management capabilities of the AirDefense Infrastructure Management and Network Assurance solutions to provide customers with the confidence that their WLANs and business-critical applications and services are always available, while helping to minimize the cost to restore service should a fault occur. By selecting the Managed Infrastructure Service from Motorola, customers have a choice of several services tailored to meet their specific needs, including:
  --  Comprehensive, 24/7 monitoring and management of the WLAN
      infrastructure, with proactive problem identification and remote
      troubleshooting for high network availability, maximum performance and
      low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  --  Fault management and monitoring of the wireless infrastructure for
      anomalies, with scheduled test results escalated as defined by the
      services agreement
  --  Configuration management activities for changes to both existing and
      new deployments as well as for network performance monitoring,
      including reporting and advice for network optimization
  --  Software release management services to remotely deploy software or
      firmware releases applicable to the WLAN infrastructure
  --  Comprehensive on-site support, including deployment of highly
      specialized field engineering teams as well as professional hardware
      repair and replacement services
The new Managed Device Service leverages Motorola's industry-leading Mobility Services Platform to provide customers with around-the-clock management of wireless devices from multiple vendors, helping them meet service requirements and lower the TCO. It offers multi-lingual help desk services that provide a first point of contact for users, with immediate support provided by highly qualified Level 1 and Level 2 Motorola technicians who can perform remote troubleshooting and issue resolution with minimal end-user involvement. The Managed Device Service from Motorola ensures ongoing management of devices and enables time-based actions, such as profile management, refreshes, and problem identification and resolution during downtime or when devices are not in use. Other potential actions include remote reset and reboot of devices when not in use, remote device diagnostics to ensure device availability and functionality, or fault identification, triage and remote remediation when possible.

As part of the Managed Device Service, Motorola also tracks and maintains detailed information about each mobile device so organizations can track the location and use of their assets, while scheduled reporting and analysis provides organizations with insight into their operational environment, helping to optimize the business and investment. Stolen or lost devices can be quickly identified and wiped clean to help protect vital business data. Finally, customers can also select Motorola to plan and execute software updates remotely, removing the need to physically return devices to a central location for update and refresh. Devices can be dynamically updated on demand, or based on an agreed rollout plan, providing customers with control of their environment and updates without burdening operational staff.

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