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Netgear Extends Power-over-Ethernet to Small Enterprises

Netgear's offering brings parity with Cisco's Linksys division, which offered a similar switch in late February. Although PoE was once a feature relegated only to enterprise class equipment, as small businesses have looked to deploy wireless LANs and VoIP, PoE has started to become a feature in SMB class equipment as well. Both Netgear and Linksys have PoE-capable WLAN access points and Linksys offers SIP-based VoIP handsets that are powered by PoE. PoE will only help make the lives of SMB IT administrators simpler as they look to expand the capabilities of their network.
Sean Ginevan
NWC Contributing Editor

Netgear has rolled out a new Ethernet switch aimed at small- and midsize enterprises that want to use a single cable to connect equipment to the network and to power those devices.

The new Netgear ProSafe switches rely on Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), which uses one Ethernet cable to deliver network access and electrical power to PoE devices including IP phones, wireless access points, surveillance cameras and other devices. POE lets smaller IT shops streamline their physical infrastructure, simplify management and potentially cut cabling costs.

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