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Motorola Unveils Mobile Solutions For First Responders, New Channel Program

Motorola announced three new solution sets catering to first responders this morning at the 2006 Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference in Orlando, Fla. In addition, the company launched a new program that assists solution providers in tailoring those offerings.

Motorola says its new solutions go beyond Wi-Fi to better enable surveillance capabilities and real-time communication between first responders, their offices and each other. First reponders include fire fighters, paramedics and police officers.

"Wi-Fi is a wonderful commercial product, but we don't think it fits the needs of public safety," says Mike Fabbri, director of data solutions operation at Motorola. "[First responders are] all in motion and need information on the move. We're excited to offer three new solution areas focused specifically on this marketplace."

The first, Mobile Office for Government, extends back-office applications, be e-mail, report writing or records management, to field personnel through the combination of Motomesh, Motorola's wireless broadband technology for municipalities, and Multi-Net Mobility, a product released in March that provides a secure virtual private network. While Motomesh acts as the transport, Multi-Net Mobility allows users to shift across multiple networks and maintain the session.

"I might utilize Motomesh for certain areas of the city, and another private data network or even a carrier network to augment coverage," Fabbri says.

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