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Motorola Finds Symbol A Comfy Fit For Enterprise Mobility Push

Walk into the shoe department at Bloomingdale's, find a pair of Stuart Weitzmans or Marc Jacobs shoes on display, and then hesitate: It'll take a million years for the salesperson to take your shoe size, run back to the stockroom and return with a pair that fits—if they have them in stock. Right?


Instead, if you tell the Bloomie's salesperson what shoe you like, he or she will simply swipe a Symbol Technologies wireless bar-code scanner over the display pair, enter your shoe size, and send a text message back to the stockroom. If the shoes are in stock, a runner will have them for you in seconds.

Voila. That solution was brought to you by Stratix, a Symbol channel partner in Norcross, Ga. Stories like that are beginning to transform thinking in the IT world.

Now Ed Zander wants to get inside the shoe department at Bloomingdale's.

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