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Microsoft Makes Mobile Pitch To the Enterprise

Angling for business customers eager to reproduce the office experience on the road, Microsoft took the wraps off the newest edition of its mobile software platform today at the 3GSM World in Barcelona, Spain, which incorporates a number of productivity and manageability features Microsoft hopes will go over well with the both power users and IT managers.

Some of the features that WM6 has introduced to market are interesting, considering carriers' opposition toward these features in the past. For instance, WM6 will add native VoIP support, in theory allowing VoIP calls to be placed from your cell phone, bypassing the cellular network.

However carriers are reluctant to do anything that will drive down ARPU (average revenue per user), and allowing users to do VoIP will certainly do that. Don't expect to be able to do VoIP calls over your wide area network just yet, while EV-DO Rev A adds quality of service and enough bandwidth to handle VoIP calls, carriers will probably clamp down on such applications to ensure that customers keep using up minutes. However, VoIP over Wi-Fi from your mobile device (witness HP's release of the iPAQ Voice Messenger 510) will likely become increasingly popular as time goes on.

Sean Ginevan
NWC Contributing Editor

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