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Mformation Updates Carrier-Hosted Enterprise Mobile Device Management Product

Many enterprises want their wireless carrier(s) to assist in enabling the
benefits of enterprise mobility, but few operators have delivered in a
holistic manner. Mobile device management (MDM) vendor Mformation doesn't
solve every enterprise mobility need, but they are one of the few vendors
that sells an MDM solution to carriers that's aimed toward enterprise use.

Mformation introduced its new software release, Enterprise Manager 5.1,
which builds upon its existing lifecycle-oriented MDM product. As the
vendor describes it, the cycle beings with configuring connectivity,
continues with service provisioning, support, security, and ends with
measurement. These elements transform into five management components:
configuration, software, diagnostics, customer experience, and security.

Mformation's Service Manager also provides portal access to each enterprise
customer, customizable by the carrier for specific device management
functions. The ability to upgrade the firmware, for example, could be
disabled. The enterprise customer can further customize controls within
their organization.

For the enterprise looking for MDM support, a carrier-hosted model provides
the customary benefits of SaaS: low capital costs, immediate usability,
operational costs that match growth, smooth scalability, and the domain
expertise of the provider. But because Mformation's customer is first the
carrier, not the enterprise, the latter will have to experience MDM through
the eyes of the former. Mformation's offering talks of OMA, firmware
updates, OTA protocols, and the benefits of being able to support rising
data services and applications ARPU, all concepts foreign, or at least of
little interest, to the enterprise.

Mformation fortunately acknowledges that it's not a one-stop mobility shop:
it has partnered with others who can provide anti-virus, encryption, and VPN

access. Ironically Mformation doesn't list any partners for what is
acknowledgeably the current killer application: mobile email.

Mformation lists Sprint and T-Mobile in the US, Rogers and Telus in Canada,
and many other customers worldwide. Mformation did not share any enterprise
customer references or the number of enterprise handsets it's product