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Logitech's io2 Digital Writing System

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Before docking the pen in its USB 2.0-capable docking station, you can create e-mail or word docs and indicate which action is to be performed by marking icons on the notepad. If you forget, you can always use the ioSoftware to create e-mail or documents from the ioDocuments created by the pen.

Upon installation of Logitech's ioSoftware, which manages the pen and documents it creates, I was told I needed either Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Fix 822603 ( After choosing the latter, I got a bit further in the setup process before I was again stopped, this time by a message telling me to install .Net Framework 1.1. This was a bit easier to deal with, as the software was included in the distribution. Once the io2 software was fully loaded, I installed MyScript Notes and 3M Post-It Software Notes Lite.

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