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Linksys Delivers NAS, Switches for Small Biz

Networking vendor Linksys has unveiled a series of networking and storage solutions designed for small businesses.

The new Linksys products show a continued focus on a complete solution that operates easily and seamlessly with other Linksys One-enabled solutions, such as voice gateways and phones. By releasing an inexpensive stackable switch line, Linksys is giving customers that need basic VoIP functionality a level of stacking reliability generally only available on higher-end switching products. However, customers that need this level of reliability and sophistication may also need Layer 3 features not offered in these new switches. Meanwhile, the new NAS (network-attached storage) products offer small businesses a number of storage options in terms of brew-it-your-self capacity and pre-configured SKUs for quick purchase. It's these kind of small, Linux-based NAS devices that keep any kind of real small-business-form of Fibre Channel from taking off. Fibre Channel simply cannot match the feature flexibility and low cost.
Steven J. Schuchart Jr.
NWC Managing Technology Editor

On Monday, the company, a division of Cisco Systems, took the wraps off its Small Business Network Storage Systems (NSS), a line of network-attached storage systems for small organizations that want high-end data storage features at a low price.

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