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Linksys Claims Eightfold Speed Increase For Router, Adapter

Linksys Tuesday announced wireless LAN equipment based on Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology that it says increases data throughput speeds by as much as eight times over standard 802.11g equipment.

The company, which is owned by Cisco Systems, announced both a wireless router and a PC Card adapter that includes what it's calling Speed and Range Expansion (SRS). In addition to increasing data throughput speeds, Linksys claimed in a statement that the technology increases range by as much as three times.

"A common complaint about wireless networking in the home is that customers can't get the wireless signal to reach certain rooms or areas around their home," Tim Thornton, Linksys' director of product marketing, said in a statement. "Our SRX products help extend the range of a wireless network so customers can access their network as well as the Internet from more areas in their home. The enhanced speed can also provide customers with a faster network providing a better networking experience."

MIMO uses two radios and three antennas to increase performance, specifically to be able to send and receive more data simultaneously. The equipment is certified compatible with other 802.11 equipment. It supports 802.1x authentication and the router includes a SPI firewall.

Several other vendors, most notably Belkin in the U.S., have offered WLAN equipment based on MIMO technology. Like Belkin, Linksys is using MIMO technology from Airgo.

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