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LANDesk's Different Tack on NAC

I have always maintained that network access control--which LANDesk is essentially addressing with its offering--was a desktop-management issue. If you do the right thing regarding desktop management--patch, inventory, reduce privileges--you are managing the machines under your control. The challenge is that you can't manage machines that are managed by another company, and there are a large number of network appliances a company may own, but can't control for one reason or another.
Mike Fratto
NWC Senior Technology Editor

IT management vendor LANDesk Software unveiled a new host-intrusion-prevention product this week designed to safeguard computers by monitoring and reporting on system behavior patterns and taking action when a system is attacked.

LANDesk Host Intrusion Prevention uses a variety of methods to recognize and isolate threats, including zero-day attacks for which there is no known signature. In addition to signature-based scanning and pattern file matching, LANDesk Host Intrusion Prevention finds anomalies and potential threats using rules-based technology to analyze into network traffic and system behavior.

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