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Jajah To Give Cell Phone Users Cheap VoIP Calls

The VoIP startup Jajah has announced that its service will be available on Symbian mobile phones and phones that use the Opera browser by May of this year, allowing cell phone users to make VoIP-enabled calls.

Jajah claims that the service will be available to 80 million mobile users -- 20 million Opera users, and 60 million users of Symbian cell phones. As part of the deal, Jajah will be will be integrated into a special version of Opera Mini, the Opera browser for cell phones.

With the Jajah service, a user will go to the Jajah site on his cell phone browser, and type in his number and the number he is calling, and the site calls him and connects him to who he wants to call. For the most part, the call goes over the Internet, although the last-mile connection uses the PSTN or mobile service.

Jajah has the backing of the big Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. One of its board members is ICQ co-founder Yair Goldfinger.