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Interview With SourceFire's Marty Roesch

Marty Roesch

Sourcefire announced its first quarterly earnings as a public company this May. The stock went from $18 to around $12, a drop of 30 percent. What happened?

The expectations were a little higher than the performance, and you can't do that in the public market, so we definitely got a good-sized correction. Q1 was something of an anomaly. There was some slowness in the federal procurement cycle and a few other factors came together--we had a bit of a perfect storm.

When taking the company public, was it difficult to communicate how you could build a for-profit company on a technology that's essentially free?

That's always been a problem here. One of the reasons for our growth is the free technology. We have tens of thousands of people out there who think Snort is the right way to get the job done. They are the vanguard of Sourcefire customers. People who download Snort may someday come to the point where they need to scale it up more than they can do natively, and who's out there to do it for them? The ones who built Snort.

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