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Interview: Opteron Designer Details Next-Generation Advancements

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday will announce the availability of its next-generation server processor--the Opteron Rev-F. The Opteron product line has been perhaps the most successful in AMD's history, and has helped the company to gain market share.

In the second quarter, AMD held a 26% share of the x86 server processor market, according to Mercury Research.

Randy Allen, corporate VP of the server and workstation division of AMD, led the original design team for Opteron at AMD beginning in the late 1990s. He talked with InformationWeek about the expected impact of the new Opteron.

InformationWeek: Opteron Rev-F is not a major new architecture change like we saw from Intel recently, but more in the vein of adding new bells and whistles to the existing architecture. How big a change are we really looking at?

Allen: One of the things we've heard from our customers quite a bit is their desire to not have a lot of disruption in the underlying architecture. In fact, we're excited about the performance levels that are going to be delivered by this product without changing the system architecture in a dramatic way.

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