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How To Beat Age Discrimination In The IT Job Search

TechCareer's job experts take turns helping readers solve career issues and offer advice on career planning and advancement. This week's question was sent in by L. Reynolds and answered by Rusty D'Aversa.

Career Question:
I'm 55 years old and have been cut loose by downsizing at my company. I'm in prime worker shape with good education, experience and a lot I'd still like to learn and teach. But I've been beaten down with the information that I will not get a chance at another job because the folks doing the hiring are younger than me and only want to hire younger people. What am I to do?

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Expert Answer:
I hear this concern often about being an older worker in an industry that prefers younger people. Though our society is enamored with youth, the bottom line in the world of work is productivity.

Business is business and it boils down to the following regardless of your age: You must be able to demonstrate, in the hiring process, that you can do the job (i.e. have the proper technical skills), are willing to do the job (you will do what it takes), you fit into the corporate culture (get along with others), are flexible and adaptable in the workplace and also can reduce costs, increase productivity, do tasks quicker, faster and smarter and add value to the organization more than other candidates that are applying for that same position.

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