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DiVitas Claims Quick ROI With Fixed Mobile First

DiVitas Networks launched a new solution this week that the vendor boasts is the first mobile-to-mobile convergence (MMC) technology built specifically for the enterprise market.

DiVitas' announcement of their Mobile Convergence Appliance signals a new era in fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). FirstHand provides a strong solution but only with select PBX vendors such as 3COM, Broadsoft, Nortel Networks and 3Com. Nokia has worked with Avaya and Cisco Systems to use their dual-mode E-series devices, but that limits the enterprise to a single handset vendor. North American wireless carrier Sprint Nextel offers an FMC product, but only with Avaya and naturally tied to their CDMA service. This makes DiVitas the first PBX-, handset-, and carrier-neutral FMC solution for the enterprise, giving organizations the choice to leverage their existing investments without requiring forklift upgrades. But it remains to be seen if DiVitas can provide a quality and dependable experience that works across a heterogeneous mix of Wi-Fi networks, SIP-capable PBXs, smartphones, and wireless carriers without breaking the bank on R&D and quality assurance as the number of dual-mode devices skyrocket.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Technology Editor, Mobility

Comprised of a client embedded in headsets and an enterprise appliance, the new DiVitas Networks' MMC solution promises to give businesses the technology they need to give both their mobile and facilities-based workers complete freedom of movement without the loss of productivity.

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