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We experienced just a half-second outage as the equipment was connected between our PBX and PRI voice line; the ETM had been set up with our configuration specs prior to connection.

Let us be clear--we could not have completed the installation and base environment setup without on-site support from SecureLogix. While the basic setup of the environment is pretty straightforward, the devil is in the details. To paraphrase the field engineer: "There are just too many weird configurations out in customer sites."

Our ETM hardware setup comprised three rack-mounted Dell Windows 2000 servers and two rack-mounted ETM hardware appliances (one for analog lines, one for PRI circuits), connected via a private 100-Mbps Ethernet switch. The ETM Applications Suite includes the TeleView Infrastructure Manager client, a user-friendly GUI for monitoring trunk circuits and call activity, controlling security policies and consolidating alerts; the TeleWall Telecom Firewall, a policy-based firewall application; and the TeleAudit Usage Manager call reporting app. An additional ETM component, the TeleSweep Secure Scanner, a war-dialer/vulnerability scanner, was not tested as a part of this review because we focused our efforts on TeleWall functionality.

A typical implementation includes a Linux-based ETM Communications Appliance connected to voice lines and the ETM Management Server providing base application functionality.

SecureLogix provides PC-based training modules to walk admins through the ETM Suite, explaining environmental definitions and clearly leading neophytes through the steps required to set up policies, rules and reporting options. Anyone with a solid understanding of telecom environments and information-protection methodologies should have a very easy time working through the training materials. The modules will even allow less knowledgeable folks to get up to speed on the app (and on security concepts) with four to 10 hours of effort.