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Determina's VPS 4.0

Antimalware programs run the gamut from virus protection to ad zappers, but most have one thing in common: the need for a database of signatures that keeps growing with the list of viruses. Determina VPS 4.0 monitors Windows servers and desktops for vulnerabilities without hogging disk space, and with only minimal impact on the application's performance.

A zero-touch tool, Determina VPS (Vulnerability Protection Suite) 4.0 conducts on-the-fly attack blocking and protection against buffer overflows, without requiring virus signature vulnerability updates or patches to be downloaded and installed. This protection system does not increase in size; create additional, multiple, registry entries; or require users to respond to any prompts during signature updates. Because the application keeps its database size steady, disk space and search time remain constant.

Determina VPS monitors every application as it runs. The system creates a runtime module that analyzes code as it is executed, then determines whether each code segment is legitimate or injected by a hacker. Here, Determina relies on its brain-trust--the MIT systems code analysts who created the program and understand how malware and legitimate applications behave.

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