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CTIA Wireless Observation ? Converged Devices

It???s hard to fully capture a wireless conference that has hundreds of exhibitors showing everything from RF connectors, tower equipment, wireless e-mail to the latest phones. However I was impressed by how cellular data is finally, after all these years, gaining serious traction both in consumer and enterprise markets. As for handsets, it was fascinating to see all the new features being incorporated into mobile phones, including instant messaging and e-mail clients, large color screens, MP3/AAC players (with multi GBytes of storage in the works), voice dialing, voice recognition for data input, built-in flashlights, 2 megapixel cameras, video recording and playing, navigation systems, and push to talk. The trend towards a single communications device that ???does it all??? has huge momentum, and though phones my not displace digital cameras due to the optics involved, they could make a serious dent in the music player market. As for myself, I???ve stopped using my PDA since I can now synch up my contacts and calendar with my phone, and use it to access my e-mail.