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Consumers Disenchanted With 3G, Says U.K. Survey

LONDON — As engineers and key executives start packing their bags for the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the biggest trade show for mobile industry, they will be chastened to read the results of new research that suggests that the majority of U.K. consumers are pretty disenchanted about the services they are being offered on their smart 3G phones.

The poll, based on responses from just over 2000 business users and consumers, and conducted by YouGov on behalf of mobile network management company Netonomy, found that they are finding mobile services increasingly confusing and that issues around ease-of-use are still holding them back from buying and using 3G handsets and services.

YouGov found that 79 percent of respondents consider mobile phone services are getting more complicated to understand and configure, compared with 71 percent of respondents in a similar survey carried out in January 2005.

Even more disturbingly, at least for the operators, 73 percent of the early-adopters that already own 3G phones rarely use the services and applications available to them. Indeed 28 percent never use them at all.

Of those respondents that did not already own a 3G phone, less than half (47 percent, and up from 45 percent last year) were confident that they would find 3G phones and services easy-to-use and only 8 per cent are considering upgrading to a 3G phone.

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