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Connexion To Offer In-Flight Internet TV

Connexion by Boeing said Wednesday that it will start providing passengers that sign up for its in-flight Internet access with four channels of live television that they can access on their laptops.

The service, which will start being available on January 23, includes programming from the BBC, EuroNews, Eurosportnews, CNBC and MSNBC. In addition, the company, which is a business unit of Boeing, said that its previously-announced agreement to make Yahoo! the exclusive search engine on its in-flight portal will take effect January 15.

The company also announced it has streamlined its pricing structure, basing prices on how long the user wants to stay connected. Prices range from $9.95 for one hour of in-air connection time to $26.95 for 24 hours. The service has been deployed by a variety of Asian and European airlines, although no North American airlines have yet deployed it.