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CommuniGate Adds Flash Interface

CommuniGate has been talking about its Flash client for two years, so this is a significant release. It should help the company increase its enterprise adoption, and also prove attractive to carrier customers who want to offer multimedia services. However, much of CommuniGate's strategy is based on VoIP, and Pronto currently does not support that directly. Although the server can route and track calls, the user still requires a separate phone (or third-party softphone software.)

CommuniGate says that this is due to limitations in Flash rather than Pronto! itself, and that the client will support telephony through an integrated softphone once Adobe ships Flash Player 10. Due later this summer, this release is expected to include additional audio capabilities that will enable Flash-based VoIP--something long anticipated by CommuniGate and others. CommuniGate has also demonstrated a beta version of Pronto! that runs on Apollo, Adobe's next-generation platform, but believes that VoIP support is more important than the ability to work offline or outside a browser.
Andy Dornan
NWC Senior Technology Editor

CommuniGate Systems this week delivered a new user interface based on Adobe's Flash and Flex technology to make it easier for users to interact with its communications and collaboration tools.

CommuniGate Pro combines voice-over-IP, e-mail, instant messaging, chat and groupware capabilities into a single client interface. CommuniGate sells the software directly to enterprises but also to carriers and service providers.

The new Flash-based interface, dubbed Pronto, enables users to access e-mail and stored data, schedule meetings and call colleagues from the integrated Pronto Interface. The interface can be accessed from any Web browser without a client-software download.

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