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Cognio's Spectrum Expert for WiFi 3.0

The Upshot

Cognio's Spectrum Expert for WiFi 3.0 makes wireless LAN interference easy to track down, with the inclusion of new charts and user interface enhancements.

IWLAN interference problems have been notoriously difficult to detect and resolve. With symptoms ranging from poor user performance to complete disconnection, interference from cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets and other devices operating in the 2.4-GHz band can spell trouble for even the most well-designed wire- less LANs. These problems are still relatively minor, but as more mission-critical applications such as voice over IP use your WLAN, interference problems will become magnified

Cognio's Spectrum Expert for WiFi has brought much needed usability to WLAN spectrum analyzers since its inception. Unparallelled in its breadth of features, the product's charts, graphs and visual indicators provide an easy-to-understand dashboard for what has historically been hard to represent: the health of your WLAN's RF environment.

Cognio Spectrum Expert for WiFi 3.0,


Spectrum analysis skills have never been common among network administrator specialties, but Cognio's latest release of Spectrum Expert for WiFi lets even analysis rookies combat WLAN interference. Several products exist in this category, at a wide range of prices, but Cognio's unique set of graphs and tools makes Spectrum Expert well worth its considerable premium.

Wireless LAN spectrum analysis provides a way to visualize and evaluate the RF airwaves essential to reliable WLAN communication. This type of expertise should not be confused with packet analysis, as spectrum analyzers interpret only information gathered about a WLAN's physical layer. MAC-layer analysis and packet capture fall within the scope of products like WildPacket's AiroPeek and AirMagnet's Laptop Analyzer.

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