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Citywide Wi-Fi Moves Forward In New Orleans, Philly

Citywide wireless networking is taking significant steps forward on two fronts, in New Orleans and in Philadelphia.

The New Orleans City Council has approved a law enabling EarthLink to develop a citywide wireless network while Philadelphia mayor John Street signed into law all the laws needed to start the citywide network in that city, which also will be developed by EarthLink.

Derek Pew, interim CEO of Wireless Philadelphia, the non-profit agency that will oversee the network, said in an interview that work will start will begin in earnest within a couple of weeks. Pew said the initial phase will cover about 15 square miles with the rest of the 135 square mile network being developed after kinks in the initial segment are worked out.

Pew said the signing was an emotional moment attended by a number of school children.

"The kids are excited about this," Pew said. "On the one hand, it was a media event. On the other hand, there's a lot of excitement among younger people who now know they can get the Internet in their home.

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