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Cisco's Catalyst 6500 Series Wireless LAN Services Module

Beefy Boxes

Cisco shipped a preproduction version of the WLSM, a Catalyst 6500 and the line cards needed to support the new environment to our Syracuse University Real-World Labs®. The pallet was hefty, as is the price: You can easily spend $100,000 for a high-availability system, and that's before you buy a single AP.

To keep costs down, Cisco is banking on organizations sliding the WLSM into an existing Catalyst 6500. We don't see that happening, at least in the short term. This theory presupposes that many Cisco customers have implemented the Supervisor 720 module, which the WLSM's multipoint tunneling requires. Cisco wouldn't tell us how many Catalyst 6500 users are running the Sup 720.

Even if you have the Sup 720, adding the new module and the latest wireless-enabled IOS revision to a production 6500 carries the 1.0 rev risk. And an offering as ambitious as the WLSM is bound to have bugs.

Cisco's WLSM

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