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Cingular, Symbian Team On Smartphone Development

Cingular Wireless and Symbian said Monday they are teaming up to accelerate the development of Symbian OS smartphones.

The application development program is targeted at Symbian OS smartphones version 9.x and above. Complimentary Symbian Affiliate status will be offered to Cingular Deluxe and Corporate Deluxe developers who will be provided with early and free access to Symbian reference materials, according to Symbian.

"We are collaborating with Cingular to offer deeper support to its developer community, ensuring accelerated time-to-market for applications targeting the latest Symbian OS smartphones," said Jerry Panagrossi, Symbian's vice president of U.S. operations, in a prepared statement.

Cingular's devCentral program will feature a new Symbian Zone so developers can obtain early online access to the latest Symbian OS Library for Application Developers. Cingular Deluxe members can have access to the Symbian OS Reference Guide. The Guide is a source of Symbian OS C++ APIs and includes overviews by subsystems of all key APIs.