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Business Travel 2010: A Day In The Life

Technology not moving fast enough for you? Travel to the not-so-distant future with our walkthrough of a day in the life of a business traveler in the year 2010.

6:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST)
NPR wakes you up. On the wall in your bedroom, your flat-screen monitor displays your daily schedule, the e-mails and video-mails waiting for you, and the weather. Uh-oh, there's an urgent message -- the v-mail screen is flashing red.

No bad news today, please. Today's the day you're traveling from New York to San Francisco for a face-to-face meeting with the new Chinese investors in your company. You'll shake hands and sign the deal that puts serious money in your coffers and ups your ante in the international marketplace.

Get it over with. "Display urgent voicemail," you say. The divided display screen disappears and is replaced by the face of John F. Kennedy. Through computer animation, the former U.S. President confirms that your flight is on time. Oh, that's lucky: a new aisle seat is available due to a last-minute cancellation. As a preferred JFK traveler on the waiting list for aisle seats, you can give up your middle-row seat and take the better seat. You jump at the chance. This service, offered through the relatively new ITD (Integrated Travel Department) at JFK International Airport, is a one-stop-shop for the business traveler. Having a Kennedy as your customer service rep never fails to give you a giggle.

The Ojo videophone. Courtesy of Motorola.

Jump in the shower, where there's more good news. You've gained two pounds of muscle, according to your health-monitor shower readout. Celebrate by dancing along with Salt-N-Pepa's Greatest Hits, Volume III.

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