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Bountiful Ships Extended-Range Enterprise Router

Startup WLAN equipment vendor Bountiful WiFi said Wednesday that it has started shipping a Wi-Fi router for enterprises that it claims has between two and four times the range of standard routers.

The company said that the extended ranges is the result of increasing the router's operation from 100 milliwats, which is typical for WLAN routers, to just under 1000 milliwatts. That's the maximum allowed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Another result of the increased power is that it reduces contention, according to Bountiful.

"Since we launched the company in July, the demand for the Bountiful Router has been tremendous," David Egbert, Bountiful WiFi's president and CEO said in a statement. "We've had inquiries from people both domestically and internationally wanting to buy the router because it solves the biggest problem that wireless users have -- namely, it provides a coverage area that is equal to their needs.

The suggested retail price of $625, according to the company.