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Bluesocket Unveils Enterprise-Class MIMO Router

Bluesocket said Tuesday that it has developed an enterprise-class
wireless access point that uses Multiple Input, Multiple Ouput (MIMO)

MIMO uses multiple antennas to increase both data rates and range and
will be an intrinsic part of the forthcoming 802.11n standard. A draft
of that standard has been approved by the IEEE, but final ratification
isn't expected until later this year or early next.

Bluesocket said in a statement that its new BlueSecure Access Point 1700
increases range more than 30 percent compared to existing 802.11a/b/g
products but is completely compatible with thos products.

A number of vendors, including Linksys, D-Link and Netgear, have
released pre-standard MIMO products aimed at home users, but so far
there have been few products using this technology for enterprises.
Bluesocket said its access point simplifies enterprise deployment,
supports 802.11e Quality of Service and can handle multiple SSIDs. It is
designed to work closely with Bluesocket's enterprise-level wireless
security products, such as the BlueSecure Controller, the company said.

Bluesocket is demonstrating its new enterprise access point at this
week's Interop trade show in Las Vegas and said that it should be widely
available in July. It provided no pricing information.