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BEA Delivers Web 2.0 Enteprise Tools

BEA today unveiled three products aimed at helping IT create and deliver enterprise-scale Web 2.0 and social-computing applications behind the corporate firewall.

BEA says that its vision is to blur the distinction between developers and users--something that could give nightmares to IT managers concerned about security and compliance. But users increasingly are accustomed to rich Internet applications outside of the office, with public mash-up tools requiring little programming expertise. Offering users something similar within the enterprise can prevent them from deserting the IT department for outside services.
Centralizing management of Web 2.0 applications has several advantages, most important that security policies can be enforced and that applications developed by one group can be reused by others. However, building applications isn't something every employee will be willing or able to do, and the products aren't shipping yet.

Andy Dornan
NWC Technology Editor

The three products--BEA AquaLogic Pages, BEA AquaLogic Ensemble and BEA AquaLogic Pathways--let companies produce social applications while giving IT full control to manage end-user participation and access to corporate data, BEA said.

Social computing and Web 2.0 is all the rage these days, but enterprises must weigh the value of increased interaction against the need to secure enterprise data and applications.

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