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BEA, Amberpoint Team on SOA Management

AmberPoint plugs the biggest gap in BEA's SOA portfolio, adding management (or runtime governance) to its ESB (enterprise service bus), design-stage governance and recently announced Web 2.0 products. The AmberPoint software can publish information to the BEA service bus, but the AquaLogic version will be optimized specifically for BEA's platform, supported by BEA and integrated into its SOA governance suite. In theory, this kind of deep integration goes against the SOA philosophy of loosely coupled components. But, in practice, getting everything supported by a single vendor has benefits, and partnerships may be more appropriate to SOA than the ongoing consolidation in the industry.
Andy Dornan
Senior Technology Editor

BEA Systems inked a deal this week to sell AmberPoint's SOA runtime governance software as part of its AquaLogic product suite.

The BEA product, which will be called AquaLogic SOA Management (ALSM), will give administrators a clearer view into the performance of and service dependencies in their complicated SOA environments. Those capabilities will help companies establish a greater degree of stability and administrative control over their SOA environments, the vendor said.

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