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Always-On E-Mail Battle Heats Up

Mobile software vendor Intellisync, which has been positioning itself as a competitor to Research In Motion's (RIM's) popular always-on e-mail server software and devices, said Wednesday that its software will soon work on RIM"s BlackBerry devices.

Intellisync says its server software, which delivers e-mail in real time, will soon deliver that e-mail to BlackBerry devices in addition to devices based on the Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm OS platforms. That means that enterprises can use IntelliSync's Mobile Suite instead of RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server and similar server software from vendors such as Good Technology, according to Intellisync.

The company said its software will work with the native applications built into BlackBerry devices. In addition, Intellisync recently claimed that its Mobile Suite software can deliver enterprise applications such as CRM data in real time.

The ranks of always-on e-mail vendors has swelled as the application's popularity has increased. In addition to RIM, Good Technology and Intellisync, several other vendors such as Visto also have been attempting to establish a presence in that market.