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AirTight Adds Partners To Deliver Wireless Security

AirTight Networks builds on top of its aggressive software development and extensive OEM/reseller partnerships by launching a Referral Partner Program. While many of these partners already had an existing and formal relationship with AirTight, this program is an acknowledgement that wireless IDS/IPS products are a complementary element of an organization's overall security plan. This program doesn't promise management console or operational integration, but it offers some level of reassurance that the partners are committed to making their products work with AirTight's SpectraGuard family of products.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor

Wireless security vendor AirTight Networks said it has partnered with a slew of wireless infrastructure vendors to extend the reach of its wireless IDS/IPS.

AirTight makes the SpectraGuard family of wireless intrusion prevention products. SpectraGuard blocks wireless threats immediately and automatically, and locates wireless devices and events with pinpoint precision.

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