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AirMagnet Rolls Out Voice Over Wi-Fi Analysis Tool

AirMagnet today announced the AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer, a network analysis tool that helps network managers detect voice problems over wireless networks.

The VoFi Analyzer detects problems in real time, includes alarms and real-time statistical analysis, and uncovers roots causes. Its includes quality of service (QoS) features for seamless roaming, jitter control and call connection. The tool can monitor voice traffic from device to device and check that both wireless APs and wire-side devices are properly configured, to be sure all traffic is handled according to 802.11e QoS prioritization standards. The company claims it also calculates MOS scores and R-values for VoFi traffic, for an extremely accurate diagnosis of voice quality on the wireless network

At the moment, enterprise use of voice over wireless networks (VoWLAN) remains in its infancy, but sales are expected to pick up significantly in the coming years. The InfoTech research group estimates that revenues from VoWLAN sales will reach $1.1 billion by 2010. It expects that 77 percent of enterprises will be using VoWLAN by 2008 either fully deployed or as a pilot project. Holding back use of VoWLAN are quality and security issues as well as QoS.

But the driver behind VoWLAN is a significant one -- cost. Enterprises are seeing cellular phone line costs skyrocket, and the technology allows enterprises to leverage their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to deploy wireless voice at little cost.

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