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AirMagnet Adds Remote Wireless Analysis for Cisco

AirMagnet is rolling out a new software-based wireless analysis solution designed specifically to monitor Cisco Systems' Unified Wireless Network equipment.

AirMagnet's first foray into the Enterprise Analyzer line had them paired up with Aruba. Not to be confused with AirMagnet's Enterprise product, this new SKU in the Enterprise Analyzer line takes advantage of Cisco's dominance in the enterprise WLAN market. Unfortunately, it only works with LWAPP-enabled APs, which leaves out a large legacy group of Cisco 'fat' APs, including the Aironet 4800, Cisco 340, 350, and early 1200-series APs. Organizations needing additional insight into the WLAN space and wanting to avoid the capex and opex of an overlay wireless IDS/IPS system now can take advantage of AirMagnet's strong feature set and capabilities for on-demand troubleshooting and problem-solving. Cisco's support of AirMagnet for the Enterprise Analyzer product (through the Cisco Technology Developer Partners program) walks a fine line between the security and wireless IDS/IPS claims it has for its own unified wireless system and both vendors' partnerships with Cognio. In any case, Cisco customers continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong ecosystem of products and solutions from supporting vendors.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor

The Enterprise Analyzer for Cisco collects data from Cisco's lightweight access points for real-time analysis and reporting. The vendor says the product can also deliver the information to performance optimization tools as well.

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