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Adobe Offers Apollo Sneak Peak

Adobe Systems today released the first iteration of its still-in-development Apollo software, which gives enterprises a single toolset to build and run Web 2.0-style applications.

The vision behind Apollo is compelling: Free the client side of Web 2.0 from its dependence on the browser and an always-on network to enable cross-platform applications that can run offline. Backward-compatibility with Flash, Flex and Ajax could make the platform a powerful alternative to Java and .Net, as well as less obvious competitors in the software-streaming and application-virtualization space.

But Apollo is very much a work in progress, with Adobe still undecided on whether the 1.0 release (due in the second half of 2007) will include such features as an embedded database. It's also unclear how much of a performance hit applications will suffer as a result of being virtualized inside Apollo. The Web-based version of Photoshop that Adobe announced last month could be one of its first tests.

Andy Dornan
NWC Technology Editor

The alpha version of Apollo, downloadable now, includes a software development kit and runtime environment for Apollo-built applications that can run on Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh systems.

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