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10 Android Apps for IT Admins

  • App: Decaf, Amazon EC2 Client
    Publisher: 9Apps
    Cost: $9.99

    The Android app Decaf aims to take the risk of caffeine overdose out of monitoring and managing Amazon EC2. Decaf lets the user keep an eye on all elements of his or her cloud infrastructure. The app integrates with CloudWatch and provides an exhaustive dashboard and a network health widget for quick snapshots of assets.

  • App: Remote RDP Enterprise
    Publisher: RemoteSpark
    Cost: $20.30

    A mobile RDP client that includes TLS (SSL) encryption support as well as support for bidirectional audio and audio recording, Remote RDP Enterprise's slick UI and full functionality made more than a few IT admin fans. The app supports the vast majority of Windows deployments out there, from Windows 2000 Server to Windows 8.

  • App: ActiveDir Manager
    Publisher: BealSystems
    Cost: $4.99

    Administer Windows network user accounts within an Active Directory Domain with ActiveDir Manager. It gives you visibility and control over users, groups and computers from any Android phone or tablet, connecting through Wi-Fi or VPN. Features allow you to set user passwords, undo password lockouts, edit user attributes, adjust group membership and more without any server-side software.

  • App: AndFTP Pro
    Publisher: Lysesoft
    Cost: $4.99

    Upload or download files and folders recursively using AndFTP Pro. The app is an FTP, FTPS, SCP and SFTP client. The app supports RSA and DSA keys for SSH, and also offers SCP support, folder synchronization, custom commands and import settings.

  • App: Network Mapper
    Publisher: Ian Hawkins
    Cost: $1.56

    Conduct a quick and dirty network survey from your phone using Network Mapper, which maps the devices on the LAN and exports the information as a CSV file. It can inventory even firewalled or otherwise cloaked machines. Security auditors can use the port scanner and an embedded MAC vendor database to more easily identify devices.

  • App: S3AnywherePro
    Publisher: Lysesoft
    Cost: $4.99

    The app S3AnywherePro is an Amazon S3 cloud storage file manager. It gives Android users the ability to manage multiple S3 buckets at once. Users can download, upload and synchronize folders from their device.

  • App: Net Ping
    Publisher: Qwapp
    Cost: Free

    Keep tabs on server performance with Net Ping, an ICMP ping utility. It offers statistics on round-trip response time for ping packets, whether packers are lost and why they may have been lost. Users can adjust packet count, ttl, interval and packet-size parameters. There's also a continuous ping mode, but it only works if the app is active--there's no background functionality, but it is a free app, after all.

  • App: Wi-Fi Analyzer
    Publisher: farproc
    Cost: Free

    Get the skinny on local Wi-Fi channel signal strength using the Wi-Fi Analyzer tool. The utility offers color-coded graphs that can offer signal strength and security information for optimum tuning in busy Wi-Fi areas and to survey for rogue channels.

  • App: Network Tools
    Publisher: Vladimir Kuts
    Cost: Free

    Another multi-function network toolkit, Network Tools is free and offers regular check-up monitoring of websites, servers, routers and more based on user-defined intervals. The tool also includes ping, traceroute and whois commands for network troubleshooting.

  • App: SQL Server Mobile Manager
    Publisher: Gen3 Software
    Cost: $2.99

    Build an execute queries through either a keypad or a Query Builder interface using this database management tool. SQL Server Mobile Manager connects to any SQL Server database through internal, VPN or TCP/IP connections.