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Windows 8 Tablet Mess | 7 Cheap Cloud Storage Options

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  Thursday, November 15, 2012
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7 Cheap Cloud Storage Options
By Michael Endler
You have a multitude of cloud storage choices beyond Dropbox, for enterprise and personal use. But make sure you understand the differences.

7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths
Cloud's Thorniest Question: Does It Pay Off?

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Plans In Disarray
Surface Pro and other systems that run Win8 on Intel's Clover Trail platform are missing in action at a key time -- creating a nasty enterprise tablet problem for Microsoft.

Petraeus Mission Impossible: Cloaking Email, Online Identities
So-called security experts making basic information security errors isn't a new occurrence. Arguably, it even led to the rise of the Anonymous hacktivist collective.

As AMD Explores Options, Intel Pain Looms
Moore's Law is changing the rules of the game again. This time AMD and Intel could both be on the losing team.

Facebook Jobs App Takes On LinkedIn
Facebook's new app is designed to connect job candidates with hiring employers. Should LinkedIn be worried?

Big Data Education: 3 Steps Universities Must Take
How can universities help meet the growing demand for data scientists? Consider this advice from a professor working in the trenches with tomorrow's analytics pros.

Fastest Supercomputer List Topped By Titan
U.S. national labs operate five of the top 20 supercomputers, according to the Energy Department.

Why Android's Dominance Is Bad
Google's Android platform grabbed a commanding 72% share of the smartphone market during the third quarter. That needs to change.

"I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero


Fastest Supercomputer List Topped By Titan
Why Android's Dominance Is Bad
Research: State of Servers: Full, Fast and Diverse
Estimating the Cost of a GIS in the Amazon Cloud
7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths
Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges
InformationWeek 2013 Outlook Survey

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Posted By AustinIT:
"Seems they would have been better off using disposable cell phones to communicate. Hard to believe our top dog would use Google services... for an affair no less. Sheesh."
In reply to: "Petraeus Fallout: 5 Gmail Security Facts"
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Posted By Scritti Politti:
"It's exactly the WRONG time to take all of your data and PAY to upload it to some third-party server, then PAY to get it back at crappy data rates while PAYING for the bandwidth and exhausting your data allowance."
In reply to: "7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths"
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  Digital Issue  
Clinical, patient engagement, and consumer apps promise to re-energize healthcare.

Also in the new, all-digital issue of InformationWeek Healthcare: Comparative effectiveness research taps the IT toolbox to compare treatments to determine which ones are most effective.

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Research: State of Servers: Full, Fast and Diverse
Infrastructure may be cool again thanks to SDN, but network guys aren't having all the fun: 48% of the 543 respondents to our latest State of Servers poll mix and match server vendors, and 40% are intrigued by rack-based designs, like the one being developed by the Open Compute Project. But it's not all fun and games, as 63% say high virtualization/consolidation ratios are stressing their gear.
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Featured Report
Research: 2012 Social Staffing Survey
The rise in social technology adoption is not reflected in IT hiring - yet - but this is one area where savvy business users could break into IT: While just 9% of respondents to our survey say they plan to increase staff in the area of social/collaboration in the next year, 92% of those who identify it as a top area of staffing increase say no specialized industry certs are required, and 84% are willing to train.
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Featured Report


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Estimating the Cost of a GIS in the Amazon Cloud
Geographic information system and information technology managers see the cloud as a compelling argument for leveraging off-premises hardware resources and reducing local infrastructure costs. But how does one go about calculating the cost of using cloud resources in lieu of using on-site infrastructure? Find out how costs are calculated for cloud services - using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
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Budgeting and Forecasting Best Practices
Many organizations struggle with problems of budgeting and forecasting practices. Often the budget is either too detailed or too expensive and rigid. Watch this webinar and find out what the problems with traditional budgeting are and what can be done about it.
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7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths
You've heard the arguments: The cloud is not secure, costs too much, and wrecks the environment. Let us set you straight.

Microsoft Phone Sales Jump 139% In Q3
Windows Phone still trails far behind Android and iPhone, but it's finally making inroads in the smartphone market.

8 Cool Windows 8 Tablets
As Microsoft and its hardware partners produce Windows 8 devices in droves, here's a look at some of the more noteworthy launches.

Netflix Wants You To Adopt Chaos Monkey
Netflix has made its own automated disaster testing service, Chaos Monkey, available as a free public download. Should you turn it loose on your own systems?

10 Best Business Tools In Google+
Consider these great ways for businesses to get started with Google's social network.


7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths
You've heard the arguments: The cloud is not secure, costs too much, and wrecks the environment. Let us set you straight.   View Now

Visual Tour: Kaspersky Mobile Security For Android Phones
9 Ways Skype Professional Network Helps SMBs


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Alteryx: Big Data Analytics For Mere Mortals
Alteryx CEO Dean Stoecker gives Valley View judges the company's 2-minute elevator pitch. Alteryx provides a platform for business users to create and publish powerful analytics applications.   Watch

The Tech Industry & The Stimulus Money: Failure?
Cisco CEO John Chambers Ready For Battle



Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges
As big data environments ingest more data, organizations will face significant risks and threats to the repositories containing this data. Failure to balance data security and quality reduces confidence in decision making. Join us as we discuss several requirements security and risk professionals must do to create an awareness and understanding of the associated responsibilities and risks at the highest levels of the organization. It happens Wednesday, December 12, 2012. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2013 Outlook Survey
We are conducting our annual Outlook Survey to explore how IT leaders are planning their priorities and budgets for 2013. The results of the survey will appear in an upcoming issue as well as in an in-depth report. Take our survey now and enter to win one Samsung Series 5 Chromebook.
Survey ends Nov. 19

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