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Windows 8 Reset Kills OS Crud | $200 Nexus Tablet Nears?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, Jan 5, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist $200 Nexus Tablet Could Spell Trouble For Apple
By Eric Zeman
An inexpensive Android tablet could be just what Google needs to attack Apple.

5 Hot Mobile Trends At CES
Google In 2012: 10 Predictions

Windows 8 Reset, Refresh Options Clean OS Crud
Microsoft's new OS tools will let you restore a system to pristine factory condition in minutes, or clean up OS performance without losing personal data.

2012's Top Cloud Trend: IT Delivers Platforms
In part two of our look at 2012's top 12 cloud trends, expect sprawling public clouds, cranky users, and at least one really messy security mishap.

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk: Get Started Guide
Interested in using the cloud-based, all-in-one, rapid deployment environment that lives on top of the Amazon Web Services infrastructure? Check out this step-by-step advice.

The App Economy's Special Ingredient: APIs
Enabling outside companies to link to your company's digitized services through APIs will be key to success in the future economy, Hurwitz study finds.

Oracle's Bad Quarter: IT Spending Sign, Or Fusion Confusion?
Oracle sales shortfall has Wall Street speculating whether it's an isolated problem or indicative of tighter 2012 IT spending.

Cisco Leads Tight Pack In Data Center Networking
Data center architects are open to adding or changing vendors, our research reveals, even if they're mostly satisfied with current vendors.

SMS Text Messaging Declines
SMS isn't going away, but looks to have peaked. That hits carriers in the pocketbook.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. -- Ralph Marston


Cisco Leads Tight Pack In Data Center Networking
SMS Text Messaging Declines
Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Security in the Cloud
5 Hot Mobile Trends At CES
Unlock the Value of Cloud Computing with Workload Automation
Take Our State of Enterprise Storage Survey

Posted By OldUberGoober:
"RAID was mainstream in the late '90s, and anyone who puts in a business server without RAID or equivalent today, even in a very small business, should turn in their credentials."
In reply to: "Will RAID Die In 2012?"
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Posted By melgross:
"How many of the board members WEREN'T appointed by these two guys? Therein lies the power structure. Little that they don't want to happen will happen."
In reply to: "RIM's Board As Bad As Its CEOs"
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Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Companies that have implemented or are evaluating managed print services look to the model for its ability to reduce costs and increase end user productivity. However, IT teams need to be aware of security and scalability when selecting a partner. Here's how two large companies in diverse industries got a handle on printing.
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Featured Report
Secure Database Access
Our new report explains why proper provisioning is a growing challenging, due to the proliferation of "big data," NoSQL databases, and cloud-based data storage.
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Featured Report


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Security in the Cloud
Cloud computing is being rapidly embraced across all industries. But this massive shift from local hardware to web-based resources is not risk- and hazard-free. Concerns about security are running high and questions about business relevance and resiliency remain. This white paper covers strategies for addressing those questions.
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Spam in 2011: Protection Against Evolving Threats
The very best anti-spam solutions today deliver 95% effectiveness. Unfortunately, that's not good enough. To defeat spam, enterprises need a holistic approach. Learn about evolving spam threats and the technology required to close that the 5% gap in defenses.
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5 Hot Mobile Trends At CES
Mobile devices will figure prominently at the Consumer Electronics Show, kicking off January 10. Here are five gadget trends to watch.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Trickles Onto Phones
Android 4.0 has reached fewer than 1% of all Android handsets to date--but it's only been out for about a month.

Top 12 Cloud Trends Of 2012
Five years into the cloud computing phenomenon, we're much more aware of the limitations and consequences. Here are 12 trends to watch in the coming year, starting with numbers 7 to 12.

12 Enterprise IT Resolutions For 2012
From taking mobile to the next level to preparing for a hybrid cloud world, we offer a dozen suggestions for moving toward progressive IT.

NASA Creates 3-D Maps From Apollo Lunar Images
Generates digital mosaics from scanned images taken aboard early 1970s moon missions.


12 Enterprise IT Resolutions For 2012
From taking mobile to the next level to preparing for a hybrid cloud world, we offer a dozen suggestions for moving toward progressive IT.   View Now

Top 9 Health IT Stories Of 2011
12 Epic Tech Fails Of 2011


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How Do I: Create a Website Using the WebMatrix Tool?
This video demonstrates how you can create a new web site using the WebMatrix tool.   Watch

MSDN Bytes - Site Pinning
MSDN Bytes - Ease of IE 9 Feature Implementation



Unlock the Value of Cloud Computing with Workload Automation
Join Robby Dick and Lilac Schoenbeck from BMC Software as they discuss how integrating the cloud into your production workload can provide the key to capitalizing on your cloud investments in 2012. It happens Wednesday, January 18, 2012. More Information & Registration


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Cloud Connect Workshops Launched
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