The 9 Worst WiFi Security Mistakes

Loopholes in your WLAN security could put your business at risk. Here are the common security pitfalls when it comes to wireless networking.

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WiFi networks, when working in a secure and efficient manner, provide great business benefits. They ensure employee connectivity across multiple devices and even buildings, and can drive employee productivity throughout an organization’s entire footprint. However, wireless connectivity across business networks also comes with many seen and unseen risks to organizational privacy.

With the increasing adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) in modern workplace culture, the risks have grown. When dealing with WiFi networks for an enterprise, administrators need to worry not just about spotty coverage and dropped connections, but also security and privacy. Some of these risks might seem very obvious, but they often get  overlooked. Leaving even a small loophole in WLAN security is an open invitation to hackers eager to eavesdrop into corporate networks.

With advancements in technology, organizations continually have new options for making their premises secure. The major concern often involves choosing between the flexibility to work quickly and the assurance of tight security.

Flexibility and security can be achieved with a robust WiFi platform by supporting the right devices with customized configurations based on your organizational requirements. However, organizations also need to keep in mind that hackers are getting smarter with every passing day, and relying on technology alone might not provide the ultimate security. Having the right combination of technology and supporting policies is the key to a secure and healthy WiFi environment for your organization.

With that in mind, here are common security mistakes to avoid when deploying and operating a WLAN for your organization.

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