Last Mile update from February 2003

This edition: Top 11 Ways to Make a Late Night Server Upgrade More Fun; Power Reader; Wi-Fi Detectors, Head to Head.

February 10, 2003

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Wi-Fi Detectors, Head to Head

We compare portable 802.11 scanners in our Real-World Labs®:

Wi-Fi Sniffer (Model WFS-1) by iDetect Technology

• Credit-card sized

• High 'secret agent' factor

Daily Average Cost Calculatorclick to enlarge

• Not enough blinken lighten• Hard to remove from ATM

WiFiDivRd (Model Unknown) by Large Poplar

• Readily available

• Very flexible (depends upon type of wood)

• Requires admonition 'You'll poke your eye out!'

Power Reader

Daily Average Cost Calculatorclick to enlarge

Always ready to push technology to the edge and sometimes just a bit beyond, Network Computing readers share their 'optimized' desktops for work and play.

"I enjoy running my IBM P76 17-inch monitor at 1600x1200 and listening to Hi-Fi Internet radio while NotesBuddy keeps me informed about important messages. A fractal background with no desktop icons and a large taskbar makes my Windows ME PC ready for action." --Leo Feret

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