Daily Spin: How To Shorten a Dull IT Staff Meeting

Everyone's attended an interminable staff meeting -- you may be in one right now, reading this thanks to the beauty of ubiquitious Wi-Fi. But what's the best way to break

February 25, 2006

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How To Shorten a Dull IT Staff Meeting

Meetings are a fact of life. But our readers are smart buggers. We asked them to help us come up with the top 11 ways to shorten a dull IT staff meeting, and they came through in spades.

Get a taste here in the Daily Spin, then check out the full list in our Last Mile section.

11) Configure your management software to send a "critical alert" just after the meeting starts

10) Wear that new cologne: Eau de Pepe le Pew9) One word: firecrackers

8) Check your BlackBerry and say, "Our stock is falling! Gotta call my broker!"

7) Before the meeting, remove one chair. Arrive late. Go in search of an extra chair. Never return

6) Move the time forward on the conference room wall clock

Read the rest of the list:Top 11: How To Shorten A Dull IT STaff Meeting

And if eleven ways out aren't enough, check out all our reader entries in the Daily Blog.

NWC's Take on the News

Here's what we think of today's breaking news. Read the story and leave your own comment. Let's see if we agree ; >

Oracle Integrating Identity WaresOracle plans to have a somewhat-integrated version of acquired identity and access management software available within months.NWC's Take:New offering integrates three recent acquisitions -- Oblix, Thor and OctetString. Look for deeper integration into Oracle apps as time goes by.

Critical Shockwave Install Bug FixedA critical vulnerability in the popular Shockwave player was disclosed Thursday by a bug bounty program, and patched that same day by Adobe.

NWC's Take:Problem is with Shockwave's installer. Interestingly, bug was found via a bounty program.

DoD Plans To Deploy RFID In Operations With 24 Nations

The Department of Defense says it intends to move forward on plans to use active radio frequency identification technology to support collaborative military coalition operations with 24 countries.

NWC's Take:And you thought your company's RFID plans were big. Per usual, military apps help to drive bleeding-edge IT.

Report: Homeland Security To Get Big IT Spending BoostThe DHS budget increase of some $772 million represents 44 percent of new federal IT outlays, reported government market research firm Input.

NWC's Take:And you thought your company's IT budget was big. Homeland Security IT spending rising 21 percent to over $4.4 billion.

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