NetEx Takes HyperIP Virtual With Broadest Application Support For Wan Optimization On VMWare Infrastructures

NetEx announced that its HyperIP for VMware offers the broadest range of third-party support for applications.

August 5, 2009

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MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- NetEx, the leader in WAN optimization software, today announced that its HyperIP for VMware offers the broadest range of third-party support for applications. These include all of the leading providers of disaster recovery, data migration and replication software, such as Data Domain, Dell/EqualLogic, EMC, FalconStor, Hewlett-Packard/LeftHand, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Network Appliance and many others.

The move by NetEx to virtualize the award-winning HyperIP WAN optimization software is part of an industry trend with more companies opting to deploy applications as software-only implementations to take advantage of the cost, scalability and flexibility of the VMware infrastructure. Virtualizing applications for VMware eliminates the need for specialized appliances while allowing IT organizations to quickly re-allocate computing and storage resources as needed to accommodate business priorities.

HyperIP for VMware is the industry's only software-based WAN optimizer that operates on a VMware ESX server to boost the performance of third-party storage replication applications. Virtual HyperIP mitigates TCP performance issues that are common when moving stored data over wide area network connections because of bandwidth restrictions, latency due to distance and/or router hop counts, packet loss and network errors. HyperIP increases end-to-end performance of replication applications by 3 to 10 times, reducing VMotion and Storage VMotion transfer windows with enhanced efficiency by utilizing 80 to 90 percent of available bandwidth between data centers or branch offices up to OC12 rates.

NetEx was one of the early adopters in recognizing the impact of the virtual infrastructure, how it could benefit IT operations, and speed up data migration and replication operations when combining HyperIP for VMware with data movement applications from top tier IT storage vendors. VMware has enhanced the ESX infrastructure by redesigning the Hypervisor to support multiple cores, opening the way for all applications to be offered as virtualized pure software plays and eliminating the need for expensive appliances and expensive IP network upgrades.

"The industry is clearly undergoing a paradigm shift to new virtual platforms and more vendors are taking their applications that have been deployed as specialized hardware-based appliances and moving those applications to the virtualized infrastructure making it more affordable for end users to affordably acquire top tier technology," said Robert MacIntyre, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at NetEx. "The trend toward virtualization is leaving the WAN optimization appliance vendors out in the cold as the market is moving away from the hardware-based appliance to virtual applications with the functionality in software. Those vendors are trying to sell a solution that the industry doesn't need and is moving rapidly in the other direction."The applications supported by HyperIP for VMware include: DataCore AIM, Data Domain Replicator Software; Avamar, SRDF Adaptive Copy, SRDF/DM, SRDF/A (DMX), Centera Replicator, and Celerra Replicator, RecoverPoint CRR and DL3D from EMC; Dell/EqualLogic PS Series Replication; FalconStor Software's IPStor, Disksafe and FileSafe; HP/LeftHand Networks SANiQ; TrueCopy for iFCP from HDS; IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and Global Mirror (FCIP), Microsoft NetBios and Data Protection Manager; SnapMirror and SnapVault from NetApp; NSI DoubleTake; DataGuard, DB Rsync and Streams from Oracle; SANRAD Global Data Replication; Softek Replicator; NetBackup, ReplicationExec and Volume Replicator by Symantec; Veeam Replication; and VMware VMotion. In addition, HyperIP fully supports WAN optimization for the industry standard FTP and iSCSI protocols.

"Virtual infrastructures are an integral part of today's IT environment making it essential for replication, migration and backup applications to move data quickly and efficiently over WANs to wherever it is needed to keep businesses running. That is why it's important to have a partner like NetEx that enables a multitude of applications to operate over existing IP WANs and eliminating the need for IP upgrades," said Volker Wester, managing director at Cristie Germany.
HyperIP for VMware optimization software is downloadable for a free 10-day trial at the following sites:

  Pricing for HyperIP for VMware starts at $2,000.
Resellers interested in adding HyperIP for VMware as part of their solutions for VMware should contact NetEx at
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