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T-Mobile Running Out Of Moves | DHS Disputes Water System Hack

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistDHS, FBI Dispute Illinois Water Hack
By Mathew J. Schwartz
Feds say their preliminary investigation finds no evidence of stolen credentials or foreign attackers.

Next DIY Stuxnet Attack Should Worry Utilities
Hacker Apparently Triggers Illinois Water Pump Burnout

T-Mobile Running Out Of Moves
The FCC handed a near-death sentence to AT&T's attempts to acquire T-Mobile USA. What options remain?

RIM Cuts PlayBook Price By $300
Research in Motion has dropped the price of the base model of its tablet temporarily to $199 in what appears to be a last ditch effort to generate some enthusiasm.

Samsung Ads Poke Fun At Apple Fanboys
Samsung has a little fun at Apple's expense with its new ad campaign. Skewered Apple fanboys, anyone?

Verizon Service Blends Call Center, Customer Service
Verizon touts its cloud-based offering as a one-stop-shop solution, but enterprises should carefully consider which contact services to outsource.

Android Buyers Find Smartphone Update Chaos
After Google releases a new version of Android, the time it takes carriers to update your phone varies wildly right now. One security expert says consumers must vote with their wallets.

ZeroPC: Cloud Desktop Excels At File Aggregation, Search
Aggregate and search through all of the files from all of your Web services in a single place with ZeroPC.

DOD Looks To Make A Game Of Software Testing
DARPA will use crowdsourcing to help verify that weapons software will work as intended.

"Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow." -- Edward Sandford Martin


ZeroPC: Cloud Desktop Excels At File Aggregation, Search
DOD Looks To Make A Game Of Software Testing
Strategy: Ensuring Secure Database Access
Field Mobile Solutions: Driving the Next Wave of Customer Engagement
10 Epic Android Apps
Recovery by Design: A Holistic Look At Data Recovery Planning And Methodology
It's Back: Our Annual U.S. IT Salary Survey

Posted By hoapres:
"Most consumers don't 'do the math' on contract costs so opt for the 'cheap' contract phone. To put it another way, you do get what you pay for."
In reply to: "Android Buyers Find Smartphone Update Chaos"
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Posted By rcramer:
"What we need to move away from is the hairball of point-to-point integration solutions and the patchwork of technologies that have been layered on top of the enterprise each time a new solution domain has presented itself.
In reply to: Docs Slow To Embrace Telemedicine, Cloud Computing
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Strategy: Ensuring Secure Database Access
Role-based access control based on least user privilege is one of the most effective ways to prevent the compromise of corporate data. But proper provisioning is a growing challenging, due to the proliferation of big data, NoSQL databases and cloud-based data storage.
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Research: 2012 BI and Information Management Trends
Our 2012 Survey shows the old practice of following the money, using lagging financial indicators to guide a company's decisions, giving way to the forward-looking approach of following the data Our 542 respondents say mobile, cloud computing and, above all, analytics are making their mark within nearly every IT category.
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Field Mobile Solutions: Driving the Next Wave of Customer Engagement
Discover how field mobile solutions can significantly enhance your profitability while providing a defensible source of competitive differentiation.
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Empower your employees with Hadoop
By extending the life of data, you can enable your staff to review historic data in new ways and analyze it as new methods emerge. This white paper highlights the business cases for Hadoop and explains how it empowers employees to think of new ways to improve the bottom line and allows them access to the necessary information to test their theories, develop strategies, and report on changes in the business.
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10 Epic Android Apps
Among the hundreds of thousands of Android apps, we've rounded up 10 epic, must-have choices. These apps will save your bacon, day in and day out.

Android Buyer Beware: 12 Least Secure Phones
More than half of most popular Android smartphones run outdated--and insecure--versions of the OS. And update policies vary.

Software Makers Shun SOPA Bill
In a reversal, Business Software Alliance now says the proposed anti-piracy law overreaches.

10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
Online tools let you get going fast and pay as you go, two factors that appeal especially to SMBs. From productivity to analytics, these 10 apps deserve your attention.

7 Health Education Tools For Patients
Patients can benefit by getting a variety of healthcare information electronically--as these seven options prove. The tools also help healthcare organizations comply with the HITECH Act Meaningful Use requirements.



12 Top Big Data Analytics Players
When data grows into the tens or even hundreds of terabytes, you need a special technology to quickly make sense of it all. From Hadoop to Teradata, check out the top platform options.   View Now

8 IT Hiring Strategies Of Top CIOs
10 Innovative iOS 5 Apps


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Keynote: In Pursuit of Enterprise Nirvana: Genentech's Transcendent Journey
Adam Graff Senior Manager, Collaboration Services, Genentech Andy Wang Principal Systems Architect at Genentech   Watch

Keynote: Rachel Happe, Co-Founder and Principal, The Community Roundtable
Keynote Panel: Social at the C-Level



Recovery by Design: A Holistic Look At Data Recovery Planning And Methodology
In this webcast, we'll explore a six step backup methodology that will make sure that when things do go south, you're ready with your sun hat on. It happens Wednesday, December 7, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 am PT/ 1:00 pm ET More Information & Registration


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