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QLogic announces SANbox 6140 Intelligent Storage Router is available from Hitachi Data Systems

November 20, 2007

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ALISO VIEJO, Calif. -- QLogic Corp.(Nasdaq:QLGC), a leader in networking for storage and high performancecomputing (HPC), today announced that the QLogic(r) SANbox(r) 6140intelligent storage router is now available from Hitachi Data Systems,a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT), and authorizedHitachi Data Systems resellers. The SANbox 6140 iSCSI-to-Fibre Channelrouter, qualified as interoperable with the Hitachi Adaptable ModularStorage (AMS) and Workgroup Modular Storage (WMS) storage systems,allows simultaneous storage access from Fibre Channel andEthernet-based networks. System administrators now have a low-costsolution that supports multi-protocol connections to high performanceFibre Channel storage systems from Hitachi.

"Building on the continued success of our worldwide partnership withQLogic, we are delivering an integrated solution that synergisticallycombines Hitachi's world-class midrange storage systems and QLogic'ssophisticated networking technology," said Steve TenBarge, vicepresident, Global Product Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems. "Thisprovides an ideal platform that addresses some of the most criticalpain points of midrange customers, by delivering SAN consolidationbenefits designed to greatly improve utilization, lower storagemanagement costs, and improve return on investment."

QLogic SANbox 6140 Intelligent Storage Routers -- Low Cost SANConnectivity

The QLogic SANbox 6140 provides low cost, SAN connectivity services forthe entire enterprise. The SANbox 6140 provides a solution that createscost-effective SAN connectivity by routing standard Ethernet, viaiSCSI, to a Fibre Channel controller on the storage system. The QLogicSANbox 6140 provides three core capabilities that leverage the benefitsand investments that businesses have made in SANs. First, the 6140allows all servers in the enterprise to connect to the SAN via low costand standard Ethernet. Second, all Fibre Channel storage devices becomemulti-protocol devices, via iSCSI. Third, it provides simple migrationof stand-alone DAS-to-SAN based storage. With performance to support upto 512 servers, and wizard-based configuration, the SANbox 6140 setsthe standard for storage router price/performance and ease-of-use.

"IT managers can now avoid bandwidth limitations when connecting highperformance Hitachi storage to iSCSI hosts," said Shishir Shah, generalmanager and vice president of QLogic Storage Solutions Group. "TheSANbox 6140 routers can be added in a modular fashion with Hitachi'sAMS and WMS midrange storage systems, taking advantage of the totalFibre Channel controller throughput. An entire storage system doesn'thave to be completely dedicated to either all Fibre Channel or alliSCSI. The router allows flexibility and adaptation as needs change."QLogic Corp.

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