Cabelas Deploys Cisco SFS

Cisco Infiniband Switches anchor high-speed networks at majorcustomer sites

November 14, 2007

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RENO, Nev. -- Cisco(R) (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced that Cisco'shigh-performance Server Fabric Switch (SFS) InfiniBand Series hasbeen deployed to support advanced high-speed data online transactionsat Cabelas, a leading retailer of outdoor merchandise, as well asscientific analysis and research at Andrews Space, a developer ofadvanced space technologies, and at Harvard University's Departmentof Chemistry.

The Cisco family of high-performance server switches offersbest-in-class scalability, high availability and security, with acommon set of management tools such as configuration interfaces andvirtualization provisioning. Supporting some of the world's largestserver clusters, Cisco SFS InfiniBand Series products offercost-effective, low-latency options for high-performance,computation-intensive applications where every microsecond of latencyimprovement is critical.

Enabling High-Speed Holiday Online Shopping at Cabelas

Cabelas (, headquartered in Sidney, Neb., isthe world's largest direct marketer, and a leading specialty retailer,of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise. To gearup for the high-demand online holiday shopping season, theinformation technology (IT) staff researched high-speed networkingsolutions to upgrade from 1-gigabit performance and replace the agingnetwork infrastructure. IT team members determined that they neededa three-year solution that would anticipate future needs and supportongoing network traffic demands, as well as provide optimal solutionprice to performance.

The Cabelas IT team selected the Cisco SFS 7000 Series InfiniBandsolution to deliver cost-competitive bandwidth, low latency, andhigh-performance capabilities, and installed the solution in justthree months over the summer, to be ready for the start of holidayshopping in October. "We determined that we needed a solution thatcould accommodate 30,000 transactions per minute going forward, andthe InfiniBand solution we've deployed delivers 70,000 transactionsper minute in our in-house tests, at half the cost of othertechnologies," said Luc Suryo, senior UNIX engineer at Cabelas. "Thenew system helps to create a positive online user shoppingexperience, which is critical because shoppers will abandon onlineorders if processing isn't handled quickly."Cisco Systems Inc.

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