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Supreme Court Patent Ruling Avoids Tough Issues

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TOP STORY: Supreme Court Patent Ruling Avoids Tough Issues

MORE NEWS: Data Warehousing Shifts to Analytics Arms Race


WHITEPAPER: Responsive Process Management Enables Greater Efficiencies

IMAGE GALLERY: Analytics Gallery: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends Report

VIDEO: Wall Street vs. LTE

BLOG: Microsoft's Slow Path To IE 9

WEBCAST: Grid Consolidation on Private Clouds

RESOURCES: The Battle For Mobile Supremacy

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"An amazing thing, the human brain. Capable of understanding incredibly complex and intricate concepts. Yet at times unable to recognize the obvious and simple." -- Jay Abraham



Supreme Court Patent Ruling Avoids Tough Issues

Rejecting the Bilski business method patent claim, the Supreme Court has pleased defenders of the status quo and frustrated those seeking patent reform.


Microsoft Is Patent Troll, Says CEO Benioff

Google Hosts Free Bulk Patent, Trademark Data

Does Microsoft's 'Sudo Patent' Protect User Account Control?


Data Warehousing Shifts to Analytics Arms Race

Performance upgrades and in-database functions highlight latest Netezza, Aster Data and InfoBright releases.

HTC Patches EVO 4G Holes For Sprint

HTC started rolling out an over-the-air update to the EVO 4G today, offering several fixes for the WiMax-powered handset.

Google Chrome Tops Safari In U.S. Brower Share

Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to dominate with more than half the U.S. browser market, but Chrome has moved past Apple Safari into third place behind Mozilla Firefox.

Apple May Have iPhone 4 Antenna Patch

Bloggers report that iOS 4.0.1 is in the works and could be available as early as this week.

Former Qwest CEO Nacchio's Prison Sentence Reduced

With estimates of defense costs topping $70 million, Nacchio's attorneys indicated appeals will continue despite a reduction in fines and prison time.

Social Network Security Policies Lacking

Symantec survey finds half of social networking at work is for business purposes, but many organizations don't have appropriate security policies or enforcement.

Clearwire Expands 4G Wireless Service

Richmond, Va., Salt Lake City, and St. Louis join the growing list to receive WiMax Internet coverage from Sprint/Clearwire.

Resistance To EHRs May Widen Healthcare Disparities

Small medical practices serving Medicaid patients have been reluctant to adopt electronic health records because they're already overwhelmed with providing medical services.



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Ready To Outsmart PCI?

The PCI Data Security Standard is costly, complex, and rigged against the retailers, merchants, and processors that must comply with it. But those very attributes may be the most potent catalyst to bring about meaningful protection of credit card data--not because of the PCI requirements themselves, but because PCI will drive merchants toward end-to-end encryption and tokenization.

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Featured Report

Chief Of The Year: Federal CIO Vivek Kundra

Kundra is driving change in the U.S. government's far-reaching IT operations. His priorities include exposing government data sets, cloud computing, IT project management, cybersecurity, and engaging the public over the Web. Here's his plan for executing on those goals and the many challenges ahead.

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Featured Report


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Responsive Process Management Enables Greater Efficiencies

This whitepaper will demonstrate how Progress Software can empower your company to respond to changing conditions and business events as they occur, enabling business leaders to capitalize on commercial opportunities, drive greater efficiencies in their organizations, and reduce risk.
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Real World Disaster Recovery

In preparation for disasters, it's critical to have a backup site that can be used if your primary location goes down. Does your business have the right procedures and equipment to recover after a disaster? Get answers.
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Analytics Gallery: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends Report

Highlights of exclusive InformationWeek Analytics research as it appears in "Tipping the Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends," an analysis of the approaches for boosting data center efficiency and technological capabilities amid ongoing budgetary pressures.   View Now


Image Gallery: 2010 Global CIOs

Image Gallery: SAP Unveils Integrated BI Strategy Roadmap


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Wall Street vs. LTE

2:30 PM Investors don't seem thrilled with LTE. Is it because no one sees a clear path from bigger bandwidth to higher profits?   Watch


First Look: Droid X

TeleGraham: Lies, Damned Lies & Broadband Speeds





Now in its 19th year, the InformationWeek 500 Conference is our annual gathering of more than 250 of the top CIOs and IT executives in the industry -- really across every industry, from retail to manufacturing to government to financial services to healthcare, and more. They will meet September 12-15, 2010, for two and a half days of inspiring sessions, innovative strategies, stimulating dialogue, and unrivaled networking opportunities.

This year our theme is Navigating the Boardroom: The Growth Imperative. At this time, we're pleased to announce two speakers who promise to stir some controversy and generate some creative thinking: Nicholas Carr and Peter Hinssen.

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Featured BloggerMicrosoft's Slow Path To IE 9

By Jim Rapoza

The current round of the browser wars has been marked by near constant upgrades and innovations (typified by Google's five updates of Chrome in less than two years). All of which makes Microsoft's slow progress to IE 9 somewhat surprising.


HP ProBook 4720s Notebook Packs Full Keyboard, 17-Inch Display

By Daniel Dern

You might not want to carry it around all day, but with its 17-inch display, full-sized keyboard, and six-hour battery life, HP's six-pound-and-up ProBook 4720s notebook provides affordable desktop-class power and productivity.

Knock-offs Impact Smartphone Market

By Paul Korzeniowski

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but chances are the executives at Apple and Research in Motion are not enamored with the attention their smartphones are receiving. Chinese manufacturers have developed clones, which are proving to be quite popular.

Windows Phone 7 Missing A Number Of Features

By Ed Hansberry

Windows Phone 7 is nearing "gold" status so they can release it to the carriers and manufacturers for final testing and device production. There are a number of features that simply won't be in the initial release. Will it matter or is the target market for the device less discerning than the smartphone enthusiast?

Looking for Free Voice Services?

By Paul Korzeniowski

Free has become a watchword among consumers when it comes to Internet services. Could that term soon be used for business telephony systems? InVox, a four year old cloud based telephony services vendor, thinks so.

If Growth Is Back, Is IT Ready?

By Chris Murphy

As more CIOs get back into growth mode, what are they worried about? Speed and budgets, but so much about business-IT "alignment."


Grid Consolidation on Private Clouds

(Sponsored Webcast)

Hear from Oracle experts how these technologies can now be used to consolidate your databases to a private cloud, where you can realize the efficiencies of multi-tenancy, rapid provisioning, and pay-for-use infrastructure. And learn how Oracle delivers key cloud capabilities, providing elastic database services that can be quickly provisioned on demand.

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The Battle For Mobile Supremacy

While it won't be long before billions of smartphones and tablets are in buyers' hands, PC history tells us that, of the dozen or so mobile platforms currently in play, not all can survive. It's clear that the warchests are opening up to win the battle for global mobile supremacy.
But who will reign supreme?

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