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Salesforce Extends Cloud Portfolio | iPhone 5 Early Reviews

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  Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist iPhone 5 Gets Gushing Early Reviews
By Eric Zeman
Apple's iPhone 5 receives nothing but glowing early reviews. Everyone who's used it loves the bigger screen and LTE, but dings Apple Maps as inferior to Google's navigation app.

iPhone 5: 10 Best Features
Apple iOS 6 'App Lock': Enterprise Ready? Unifies, Extends Cloud Portfolio
At Dreamforce conference,'s marketing, development platform, and HTML5 announcements point to consolidation of acquisitions even as it adds new file-sharing, social, and collaborative capabilities.

Bank Of America Website Slows After Islamic Hacker Threats
Group protesting anti-Islam film claims credit for website service interruptions that hit Bank of America Tuesday afternoon.'s Heroku Expands To Host Java Development's independent cloud unit, Heroku, seeks to link core CRM and enterprise Java applications. Until now, they've been worlds apart.

Cyber Warfare Still Poses Legal Questions
A body of accepted international law on cyber warfare slowly is emerging, but more needs to be done to address new world of aggression, civilian and military officials said Tuesday.

How To Scale Social Business For The Real World
New channels = new challenges. Learn how smart organizations are adapting to the new ways customers connect.

"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it." ~ William Feather


Cyber Warfare Still Poses Legal Questions
How To Scale Social Business For The Real World
Research: 2012 InformationWeek 500 Full Report
Building Cloud-Optimized Data Center Networks
iPad Mini Leak Looks Legit
Selecting the Right Database for the Right Problem
InformationWeek 2013 Cisco Survey

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Posted By ALethalSaiyan:
"The Ipad Mini already exists. It's called the Ipod touch. This is why I hate Apple. They release something old as if it's new."
In reply to: "iPad Mini Leak Looks Legit"
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  Digital Issue  
In our latest digital issue from InformationWeek SMB: Small businesses must get serious about cybersecurity now that the criminals have them in their sights. Here's our list of 10 cyber threats that should be high on your radar!

ALSO: How Cybercriminals Pick Their Targets; Remote Workers Security Challenges

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This issue sponsored by IBM
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Join us on September 26 for Valley View, our exciting live video show. In addition to an exclusive chat with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, and an in-studio interview with CitiGroup CTO Yobie Benjamin, we'll feature our new Elevator Pitch session, a rapid-fire deluge of information about new technology approaches.

One company's elevator pitch we'll be highlighting: Kontiki.

Whether video's dominance on the Internet holds true also on corporate networks is debatable, but it is certainly becoming a more common way to communicate with and train employees, and Kontiki has been quietly garnering the enterprise video distribution business of companies like GM, Nestle, Coca Cola and Wells Fargo, to name a few. At Nestle, it manages some 2,000 videos on the company's intranet. In our Valley View Elevator Pitch session, you'll hear more details from CEO Dan Vetras -- namely, how its secret sauce is compelling IT shops to consider an approach that Vetras claims obviates the need for expensive WAN acceleration hardware.

Other Elevator Pitches featured: Appthority (Mobile Security), Crowdstrike (Enterprise Security), Cliqr (Cloud Management), Fusion-io (flash memory for the data center).

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Research: 2012 InformationWeek 500 Full Report
While 29% of participants in our annual ranking of business technology innovators say lowering business or IT costs is a priority, that's down sharply from 47% just three years ago. Today's focus is on the customer, with 37% citing widespread deployment of customer-facing mobile apps. Add cloud computing and big data analytics to the mix, and you can see it's a whole new game.
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Featured Report
Strategy: E-Discovery, Mobility and the Cloud
Do you know everywhere business documents reside? Storage pros are often tasked with aiding discovery, yet as IT increasingly relies on cloud repositories while employees substitute mobile devices for PCs, that question is getting much harder to answer. Problem is, in the event of litigation, courts won't accept 'the cloud ate my homework' as an excuse. Here's how to cope.
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Featured Report


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Building Cloud-Optimized Data Center Networks
This white paper reviews the impact of cloud computing on data center networks and describes an approach to building simpler, more secure and automated networks that fully meet the stringent performance, security, reliability and agility demands of the new data center in the Cloud.
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Collaborative Software Delivery: Improving Software Quality with Better Lifecycle Management
Ten to 15 years ago, software delivery was a fairly straightforward process. Learn more about what systems engineering is and how it can help you simplify the development of smart, connected products. Download this eBook to find ways to expedite time-to-market, ensure business agility, and deliver high-quality smart products while cutting costs.
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iPad Mini Leak Looks Legit
Photos of what appear to be a smaller Apple iPad come close to confirming that the device is real.

Judge Denies Samsung Request To Lift Tablet Ban
Samsung wants to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the U.S. again, but judge says jury's exoneration is not enough to lift injunction.

iPhone 5: 10 Best Features
Apple's iPhone 5 big reveal left some smartphone watchers wanting more. Take a look at the key feature changes and judge for yourself.

Samsung Goes On Offensive Against iPhone 5
Samsung releases attack ad pitting the Galaxy S III against the iPhone 5. Parodies of the ad are quickly conjured up by Apple and Nokia fans in response.

20 Great Ideas To Steal In 2012
Are you playing it too safe, IT leaders? Take these InformationWeek 500 projects along to rev up your next brainstorming session.


Oracle vs. Salesforce: Social Acquisition Face-off
Oracle and have established a pattern of dueling acquisitions of social business companies. Here's how that battle is shaping up.   View Now

10 Best Business Tools In Google+
Visual Tour: Microsoft SkyDrive For Android


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Selecting the Right Database for the Right Problem
Columnar, NoSQL, NewSQL and Hadoop are the hot new technologies that are helping companies manage their big data challenges. This webinar will demystify this world, outlining the analytics challenges posed by machine-generated data and giving an overview of the best use cases for these new technologies. It happens Thursday, September 27, 2012. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2013 Cisco Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to uncover your organization's experiences with Cisco products and services. One lucky participant will win a 32GB Apple iPod touch!
Survey ends 9/21

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